Welcome to Selah


Welcome to our new website and a new season for Selah Theatre Company!

A few months ago, one very early morning in central London, we gathered together to discuss updating our website. It was then, whilst huddled around various screens looking at website designs, we realised that we had entered into a new season in the life of Selah.

When we first started out, we were all still studying, our time was divided and most of us were about to head into our final year of training. Let’s just say finding time for us all to rehearse together wasn’t easy! But now, the company has turned a corner, with Spring Harvest, two T.I.E tours and another show in development, we’ve never moved faster.

We’re passionate about creating new and exciting theatre and we’ve had the pleasure of working with some great talent this year on both our schools tours and on our most recent project. In this new season, we’ve had the luxury of two weeks experimenting and developing a new show – an opportunity we wouldn’t have had a year ago.

All in all, we’re still creating theatre with the same qualities and ethos behind them but with a new found joy and excitement. As working professionals, we pour our experience and knowledge into each project and although we’ve found ourselves in a new era, Selah’s mission statement remains the same.

Stop. Think. Act.

Rebekah X